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What is Chemical Addiction?

Chemical Addiction, also referred to as Substance Use Disorder or Substance Abuse, comes in many forms. It is a progressive and terminal disease that impacts an individual’s brain and behaviors and eventually causes a loss of control over drug or medication use. It is a complicated disorder that can affect your mental and physical health and other areas of your life but it CAN be treated successfully. Getting specialized treatment from our qualified professionals can help you achieve and maintain recovery over the long term and can save your life or the life of a loved one.

How does addiction begin?

Addiction can start simply with experimental use or borrowing a prescription drug from a friend, for example. The risk of a full-blown addiction depends on the substance, as some drugs (including opioids and cocaine) are more addictive than others.

As a person continues to use the drugs, they need more of the same substance to get the same feeling or “high”, and it becomes increasingly difficult to function without it. Without the drug, the user feels symptoms of withdrawal. This vicious cycle sets the stage for long-term substance abuse and dependence that can potentially destroy the drug user’s life and the lives of loved ones.

Treatments we offer

Medication Assisted Treatment Services (MAT)

MAT utilizes FDA-approved medications, in conjunction with counseling, to help those seeking treatment for opioid use disorders. MAT can help with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with opioid dependence to allow you to engage and focus on your recovery. MAT can be used for the purposes of detoxification as well as assisting you in maintaining long-term recovery.


Part of a successful recovery includes understanding behaviors and causes and managing them.

Gulf View Medical partners with Paul D Cassidy, to provide therapeutic services. Paul is a Licensed clinical worker specializing in comprehensive addiction treatment for over 20 years. Please contact us to help schedule an appointment with Paul.

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